Making things easy, making things safe.

Motion made easy – smooth flowing, like a cruise with every drive.
Style and function redefined.

Introducing the Tucson Sport. A new concept in Crossover Utility Vehicles. Our dream was to give substance to fluidity, to engage the senses and translate the many shades of urban life into the most natural, intuitive vehicle there is. Our dream has finally taken shape.


Your space should always be personal,
designed to cater to your needs.


Times change, and what looks good does, too. The new Tucson boasts a more innovative and distinct design that’s sculpted and stable, and with a European flair.


Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, you’ll feel right at home in the Tucson. Everything from the adjustable headrest to the heated seats and spirit-boosting sunroof will make sure of it.


Depowered airbags on the driver’s and front passenger’s seats deploy at reduced force to prevent possible injury. Side airbags and curtain airbags are installed all around to protect occupants from injuries.


You want things just right. Then again, sometimes you need to change them around. no problem. the Tucson lets you configure a multitude of seat arrangements.


Finally, a gasoline engine that allows for high performance and high efficiency. It’s die-cast in aluminum and features variable valve timing and a variable induction system. The result is a quiet sort of power.


If you’re going to upgrade, upgrade where it’ll felt most
– under the hood.

Full Seat Upright

With all seats upright, there is plenty of storage space, while rear seat passengers are all seated comfortably.

Radiator grille

Sporty, recognizable and totally Hyundai, that’s Tucson radiator grille. Hexagonal and black, it’s distinctive and refined.

Projection headlamp with LED Daytime running lights

The Tucson’s technologically advanced projection headlamps, found on leading luxury vehicles, light the road with sharp, highly-defined beams, bringing a new level of illumination and detail to night time driving.



Making things easy, Making things safe.

Safety and protection are paramount in a car. As well as a comprehensive airbag system, the Tucson features active headrests that move up and forward to protect against whiplash if a vehicle drives into you from the rear. The basis of it all is a high-tensile steel chassis that provides a strong, rigid structure built to withstand impacts.