Perfection in a league of its own

The Genesis is art and science brought to life with the finest materials, resulting in a car that exceeds all expectations. Through a collaboration with Hyundai Steel, the Genesis is able to exist in a form that carries 51.5% of Advanced High-Strength 1Steel, giving it superiority in safety and performance.


With heart and soul, structure and muscle and intelligence and emotion,
the Genesis is an extension of you, on the road.


Our nature-inspired design philosophy has evolved. Authentic fluidic dynamism balances toughness with organic and sculptural softness. The result is an improved air resistance coefficient value of 0.26, increased driving efficiency and absolute beauty.


Rich and elegant colors add depth to the excellently crafted interior. Seats come in five and natural leather means a whole lot of plush. Genesis uses premium napa leather, which have maintained their natural beauty, as well as real aluminum details that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interior.


We’ve improved performance at the low-to-mid-speed range. The result is dynamic operations achieved at actual speed range. The Genesis boasts the most powerful and advanced engine Hyundai has to offer. It produces 315 ps at 6,000 rpm and 40.5 kg·m (397Nm) of maximum torque at 5,000 rpm.


The radar sensor installed in the front of the vehicle detects the distance from the car ahead and automatically maintains distance and speed set by the driver when the driver does not step on the accelerator or brakes. When the car stops and starts due to traffic jams within 3 seconds, the vehicle automatically accelerates to the set speed when the driver does not step on the accelerator.


From premium Drive information system (DIS) navigation to the Head-up display (HUD), advanced features make for smart driving. To improve comfort, Genesis uses pads of different hardness in each section of the seat and side bolsters in the back with air cells that can be adjusted to maximize driver’s comfort. Furthermore, the seat cushion can be extended to further optimize drivers’ leg support.


We’ve improved performance at the low-to-mid-speed
range. The result is dynamic operations achieved at actual speed range.

Power door system

Sensors imbedded in the door latches activate an actuator motor that closes the doors completely even when they are not fully shut.

18″ alloy wheels

The finest materials and shape not only help improve driving performance, but the sputtering silver finish conveys a higher level of sophistication.

Smart trunk system

Standing near the perimeter of the trunk with the smart key for 3 seconds will open the trunk lid automatically, giving convenient access to the trunk even when both hands are full.



Hidden details enhance comfort
with the passing of time.

Every element is perfect for the touch, and every sound forms a perfect balance. Plenty of convenience features help make your ride better, safer, and more enjoyable.